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We have built this website so it is as accessible as possible for all our users. Using standards compliant code, we are confident this meets guidelines as outlined by the W3C.

This site uses the most modern techniques for website construction. If you are using an older browser you may experience limitations and may need to upgrade to a more recent browser.

Our website is speech-enabled with the additional feature of BrowseAloud.

BrowseAloud is software that is able to read this website aloud to you. We chose to add this software to assist our visually impaired users and users who may have difficulty reading.

The BrowseAloud software is available for both PC and Mac users and is designed to work with most web browsers. Your computer will require a sound card and speakers or a set of headphones. BrowseAloud is very customisable, so you can control the voice and alter its pitch and speed.

It is free and easy to download. Once you have installed and opened it, all you need to do is scroll your mouse over the text and BrowseAloud will begin reading the text aloud. It also works on the website's menu and links, so you can navigate your way around easily. The software will operate on any site that has BrowseAloud enabled. Look out for the logo on other websites.

You can find out more information or download the software by visiting the BrowseAloud website.