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We believe that everybody has a right to enjoy the peace and quiet of their home, free from serious disturbance and any kind of intimidation. LMH will not tolerate Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) by anyone in our homes or neighbourhoods. We will enforce our tenancy agreement and work in partnership with all agencies, including the police and local authority to tackle people causing ASB and/or alarm and distress to others.

If you face acts of harassment, violence or intimidation, you should report them directly to the police as soon as possible. If the people causing the ASB are LMH tenants, or their visitors, you must also report it to us.

You can report incidents of ASB directly to LMH using the online form below or call us on 0800 678 1894, you can also call in to your local housing office.

Report ASB Form

Please complete the information below and a Neighbourhood Housing Officer (NHO) or Safer Estates Officer (SEO) will contact you within five working days, or one working day if the case is serious, to arrange a telephone or face-to-face interview.

Without your contact details it is very difficult for LMH to feed back to you and lack of contact details will hinder our investigations. We will treat all contact details confidentiality, we will contact the person(s) causing the ASB, if you feel this is appropriate.  You can request that your details (as the complainant) are not made known to the person(s) causing the ASB NB: in some cases it may be obvious to the perpetrator who the complainant is.

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Domestic Abuse

LMH is committed to tackling domestic violence and works with partner agencies is supporting victims of domestic violence.

The definition of domestic abuse is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality. This can encompass but is not limited to the following types of abuse:

  • psychological
  • physical
  • sexual
  • financial
  • emotional

If you are an LMH tenant suffering from domestic violence please call us on 0800 678 1894 and will sign post you to agencies who can help.

If you are in immediate danger you should call the Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Please read our Domestic Abuse Policy for more information.

Hate Crime

LMH is a third party hate crime reporting centre. Anyone can come into an LMH office and report a hate incident or a crime.

Our staff can contact Stop Hate UK for you or alternatively, allow you access to a telephone or PC to report the incident. 

You can also report a Hate Crime by:

  • Calling the Local Neighbourhood Police Team on 101 or Liverpool Direct on 0151 233 3001.

Download our Harassment and Hate Crime Policy for more details.



Dealing with ASB

Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) can be serious acts of violence or harassment.
It can also be more everyday things like noisy pets, loud music, or gardens that are overgrown or full of rubbish. Whatever is causing you concern, we will take the issues seriously and act quickly to help.

We do not class such things as everyday household noise (washing machine noise or noise children playing during appropriate hours) as ASB.

For more information take a look at our ASB Policy.

When dealing with ASB we guarantee that:

  • We will treat your complaint seriously and investigate it fully
  • We will support you throughout the process
  • A Neighbourhood Housing Officer or Safer Estates Officer will contact you within five working days, or one working day if the case is serious, to arrange a telephone or face-to-face interview
  • Your interview will be within five working days of your initial complaint
  • We will record full details of the problem and explain how we can resolve it
  • We will discuss a range of options with you and agree an action plan to help resolve your complaint

We work closely with the police to reduce incidents of nuisance and Antisocial Behaviour in our neighbourhoods. We encourage residents to report all criminal activity to LMH and the police so that we can work together to deal effectively with problems.