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Applying for a home

If you are thinking about moving home or want a tenancy of your own and want to join Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) you will need to complete a housing application form.

In conjunction with the City Council and a number of Housing Associations, LMH is participating in a Choice Based Letting Scheme known as Property Pool Plus and the majority of our empty properties are let through this scheme. You need to be registered to participate in this scheme. This scheme is run through the website www.propertypoolplus.org.uk

How to register?

You need to complete and return an application form and attach the necessary proof of identity for each member on your application. Acceptable proofs are listed on the application form.

You will also be asked to provide two references. In certain circumstances, one reference will be acceptable but you will need to discuss this with the local office.

We will contact you to confirm the outcome of your application. If your application is accepted, you can then start to bid.

You can download an application form here. Alternatively you can get a paper copy of the form from any of our area housing offices. It is also available from any of the other Housing Associations participating in Property Pool Plus or from any of the Council's One Stop Shops.

You can also download the Information Leaflet for Housing Applicants

If you are currently the tenant of one of the housing associations, you need to send your application to your own landlord. Otherwise, you can send your form to any of the participating landlords. The contact details are listed on the housing application form.

What does bidding mean?

This is simply your opportunity to look at the information about the available properties and decide for yourself which properties you are interested in. Find out more about how to bid for a property.

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