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Census 2021 is coming – shape the future of your community

Census 2021 is coming – shape the future of your community

Torus is supporting Census 2021, which is coming on Sunday 21 March 2021.

The census survey that happens every 10 years and is designed to give a picture of all the households in England and Wales.

Information gathered in the census helps with the planning of transport, healthcare, education, housing and much more.

The next census is Sunday 21 March 2021 and you must complete the census by law.

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How will the census make a difference to me?

By taking part, you can help to inform decisions on services that shape your community, helping charities, local authorities and other organisations, including Torus, to understand what society needs now and what it is likely to need in the future.

You must fill in your census questionnaire, without the information you share, it would be more difficult to understand your community’s needs and to plan and fund public services in your area. 

Whether it’s planning new schools, doctors’ surgeries or bike lanes, the information you share has an impact on the lives of everyone living in England and Wales. 

For further information, visit the Census 2021 website.


What will the census ask me?

The census is used to get a picture of life in 2021. 

Expect to be asked questions about who in living is your home on 21 March 2021, your sex, gender identity, marital status, health, education and employment.

You can view a paper version of the census here


How do I complete the census?

Everyone in England and Wales will be asked to complete the census on Sunday 21 March 2021.

Between 3-13 March 2021, every household will receive a pack from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) by post, telling you how you can complete the census and what help is available.

You can fill your census questionnaire in online as soon as you get yours. 

If your household circumstances change on Census Day, you can let the ONS know.

Remember, if you, or anyone you know, needs help, there’s plenty available.

Call the Census 2021 helpline: 0800 141 2021

Contact the Census language helpline: 0800 587 2021


What if I can’t complete Census 2021 digitally or need help?

Census 2021 is a digital-first census, which means we will all be encouraged to complete the census online.   It’s easy to take part, but if you need a little extra help there are a wide range of support services.

There are language support and accessible census guidance. You can also get help from census staff in the contact centre over phone, in a web chat or on social media.

Paper versions will be available for those who need it,  you can also request a paper version or contact your local Census Support Centre, these details will be available soon.

Call the Census 2021 helpline: 0800 141 2021

Contact the Census language helpline: 0800 587 2021

Click here for Census 2021 guidance in a range of languages.


What happens if I don’t complete the census?

If you do not complete the census on Sunday 21 March 2021, you will be sent a reminder letter and a census field officers will visit your home to encourage people to complete Census 2021 and provide support if needed.

It is a legal requirement that you complete the census and you do not, you could be fined £1,000.

If you need support to complete the census, contact the Census 2021 helpline on 0800 141 10211.


Will my data be safe?

Yes. The Office for National Statistics, who runs Census 2021, make sure you won’t be identifiable by the census responses they publish.

Your census record will be kept secure for 100 years. After that, future generations will use it to learn more about their family tree and how we lived in 2021.

Learn more about how your data will be kept safe.


Census during the Coronavirus pandemic

The ONS, who run Census 2021, will be following the latest government safety guidelines to make sure the public and their staff are safe throughout Census 2021. Having a digital-first census will help prevent the spread.

If it is safe and within government guidelines, Census Support Centres may be opened to help people fill in their online questionnaires.


Key census dates:

22 February  - 3 March

Every household receives a postcard telling them the census is coming

23 February Electronic questionnaire and digital support services go live
1 March  The contact centre and support centres go live
3 - 13 March Every household receives a pack telling them to join in now – and how to do it
From 22 March Reminder letters start arriving and field officers visit houses still to respond
4 May  Last day to complete your questionnaire online or order paper questionnaire


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