January 2022

Please be aware that we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls as well as delays on some services due to COVID-19 and our new IT system,
but we’re here for you. Apologies for any inconvenience. Keep updated on our services here.

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Coronavirus - Torus services and Keeping you safe

Coronavirus - Torus services and Keeping you safe

Updated:  20 January 2021

Easing of Covid restrictions

On Tuesday 19 January 2022, the Government announced that in England, Covid restrictions would be easing and we would be returning to Plan A from Wednesday 26 January.

With the virus still very much present in our communities, our primary concern remains the health and welfare of our customers, colleagues and communities.

Our services remain unchanged and we will remain vigilant, continuing to implement our robust health and safety measures to keep everyone safe, working in a manner that has proven successful in keeping customers and colleagues safe.

We still encourage our staff and customers to maintain a safe distance from each other, but, when this isn’t possible, our staff will wear face coverings to help keep you and them safe.

Demand for our services remains high and our phone lines remain extremely busy, but we are doing our best to answer all calls, respond to all repairs and deliver great customer service. However, things may be a little slower due to higher than normal levels of sickness.

Throughout the past 22 months, our tenants have been so patient and we thank you for that and ask that you continue to bear with us.


Please let us in

As throughout the pandemic, it has remained our responsibility to keep your home safe, but we need your support to do so. Every year we legally have to visit your home to complete a gas safety check.  During these checks we make sure your gas appliances are working as they should, keeping you, your family and your neighbours safe. These essential checks are legally enforceable and not letting us in is a breach of your tenancy agreement.

If we are working in your home, carrying out a repair or safety check, the teams will continue to follow Safe Systems of Work, which are designed to keep you and staff safe, you can find out more below.


New IT system and possible service delays

Our new IT system is still experiencing some problems resulting in delays with some repairs. Please bear with us as we are working as hard as we can to get everything back to normal.


Getting in touch and public receptions

We are currently working on a plan to reopen our public receptions safely and more information will be available on this soon. In the meantime, if you need us please contact us via the website, phone, email, or automated phone services:

​Thank you again for your patience and we are sorry for any inconvenience.


Torus Services

Keeping you safe - working in your home

If we are working in your home, carrying out a repair or safety check, the teams will continue to follow Safe Systems of Work, which are designed to keep you and staff safe.  

Our repairs contractor, HMS will continue to follow all Safe Systems of Work and best practice guidance in your home, such as maintaining social distancing, where possible, and good levels of hand hygiene.

When working in your home, we will make every effort to socially distance, asking where possible for customers to stay 2m away from the member of staff, ideally in another room where possible. 

You do not need to be in the room while they complete the inspection or repair, so apart from allowing access, you will not need to come in contact with the operative.

Similarly, if you have a visit from a Housing Officer etc, they will continue to socially distance and will wear a face covering if they are in your home at your request.

So please, continue to let us in to do essential checks and maintenance works.


Keeping Safe - important safety checks

Gas, Electrical and other safety checks are very important. Put simply they protect you, your loved ones and the home you live in.

The legal requirement to allow access for your annual gas safety check did not change throughout the pandemic and it is important that you allow access for your annual gas safety check, as continue refusal is a breach of your tenancy and could result in legal procedures, fine or even the loss of your home.  

To put your mind at rest, if you or anyone in your home is self-isolating, we won’t complete any safety checks until the isolation period is over. To reassure you, these will be done as quickly as possible and the contractor, HMS will continue to follow all Safe Systems of Work and best practice guidance in customers' homes, such as maintaining social distancing, where possible, and good levels of hand hygiene. 

Remember, carbon monoxide kills. If you can let us in, please do. However, if you have any concerns, wish to change your gas appointment or have any questions please call 0800 678 1894 or email info@torus.co.uk.  

Repairs Service

Our repairs and maintenance services, run by HMS, will continue to run as normal in a COVID-secure way.

We are doing our best to respond to all repairs and deliver a great customer service, but the circumstances we're operating in are still far from normal. The impact of both the pandemic and Brexit has affected the availability of materials and we are experiencing longer wait times when ordering previously readily available materials and components.

HMS are working hard to overcome these challenges, but it may still take us a little longer to complete routine repair requests than you're used to so please continue to be patient with us.

You can report your repairs by contacting the Torus Customer Hub, Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm on 0800 678 1894, using your online account 24/7 or by emailing info@torus.co.uk.


Please note that revised arrangements remain in place for the following services:

  • Rent payments – face to face rent payments remain stopped, but all other methods to pay your rent remain unaffected.  Find out more about how you can pay your rent here.
  • Applying for a Home, Allocations, Viewings & Sign-ups - Property Pool Plus is still available to people to register at  www.propertypoolplus.org.uk and safety practices will remain in place for viewings and sign-ups.  ​

We will continue to carry out face-to-face appointments where a virtual appointment is not an option and appointments will be kept to a minimum.  Offices have been re-designed to be COVID-safe, find out more about what to expect if you visit our office here.   


The following services resumed in 2020

In June 2020, in line with Government guidelines and with safety measure in place we resumed the following services:

  • Communal area cleaning
  • External maintenance & improvement works
  • Works on empty (void) properties

These services will continue with the contractor, HMS continuing to follow all Safe Systems of Work and best practice guidance in customers' homes, such as maintaining social distancing, where possible, and good levels of hand hygiene. 


Rent and money worries: help and support

We know that this is still a difficult time for many people and we want you to know that we are here to help.

If you're having difficulty keeping up with your weekly rent payments, have had a change in circumstances or are dealing with personal issues that might affect your ability to pay, please contact us straight away, so we can do our best to help.

We’re here to help, email income.services@torus.co.uk or call our Torus Customer Hub on 0800 678 1894 and ask to speak to our Rents Team.

We’re here to help – find out more about rents and what support is available here.

If you need help with making a benefits application contact Torus Foundation on 0300 123 5809 or email info@torusfoundation.org.uk.

You can also keep updated on how Covid has impacted Universal Credit and benefits here.


Torus Foundation & Tenant Voice

Torus Foundation

Torus Foundation have continued to offer vital support to older and vulnerable people, to people in hardship, to those who are seeking work and to those who feel isolated.

The pandemic and lockdowns did not put a stop to their support, the team at Torus Foundation are on hand to help you manage your money, make a benefits claim, build your digital skills, improve your health & wellbeing,  help you find work, get you intro training & improve your skills, help improve your mental health and much more!

Find out what the Torus Foundation can do for you, call 0300 123 5809, email info@torusfoundation.org.uk or visit torusfoundation.org.uk.

You can follow Torus Foundation on Twitter @TorusFoundation.


Tenant Voice

Customers are still at the heart of our services; throughout the pandemic our Tenant Voice Team have been expanding options around digital engagement and to ensure customers are still able to have a voice throughout the lockdown.  

You can find out more about getting involved here.

If you would like to get involved digitally, then why not join the other customers joining Torus Talk, a Facebook group just for Torus tenants and leaseholders: www.facebook.com/groups/TorusTalk

If you are not on Facebook or would like to find out more, contact our friendly Tenant Voice team at tenantvoice@torus.co.uk.

You can also follow Tenant Voice on Twitter @Tenant_Voice.


Help & support

If you are still experiencing difficulties, then please let us know so we can see what we can do to help. Call the Torus Customer Hub on 0800 678 1894.


Domestic abuse support

If you are in an abusive relationship or suspect someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, please do not suffer in silence – reach out for support



Communities have really come together to look after each other in response to the Coronavirus situation, click here for information on where you can go to get help with support, food and other local services.


Safeguarding adults

During the COVID-19 crisis, it is particularly important to safeguard adults with care and support needs. They may be more vulnerable to abuse and neglect as others may seek to exploit disadvantages due to age, disability, mental or physical impairment or illness.

‘Safeguarding is Everyone’s Business – as Usual’ but particularly at this is time when we must all be extra vigilant and try to pick up any early signs that something isn’t right. For further information and contacts please visit the Warrington Safeguarding Adults Board webpage.

For further information and contacts please visit the Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board website here.

Find out more about safeguarding and reporting concerns here.


Keeping updated and in touch

Remember to let us know if you change your email address or mobile number so that if we need to keep you informed about our services or in an emergency, we can do.

We won’t contact you unnecessarily and we comply with all data protection legislation so will not be sharing your email.

To update your details, please email your updated contact details, along with your full address, to info@torus.co.uk

Keep checking here and social on a regular basis, please keep checking for updates.  You can also keep up to date with news from Torus via our Twitter account @WeAreTorus or on the Facebook page.


Rest assured, any decisions we make as we resume our services will still put your health, safety and wellbeing first.

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