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We are still experiencing a high demand so might not respond as quickly as you're used to. Keep updated on our services during Covid and lockdown here. Thanks for your patience.

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Keeping in Touch: Covid-19 update – 8 January 2020

Keeping in Touch: Covid-19 update – 8 January 2020

Happy New Year from everyone at Torus, we hope you and your loved ones have managed to stay as safe and as well as possible during these difficult times.

As you’re probably aware, the UK has entered another lockdown and the message from Government is to stay safe and stay at home.

The good news is that many of our services are considered critical by Government so will continue to operate. This means we’ll still be completing all gas and electrical servicing, responding to repairs, letting homes and building new homes.

Another lockdown presents huge challenges for you and your families and, as we have tried to do this year, we will do our best to adapt the way we do things to keep providing services. No matter what, you will be able to rely on Torus to support you however we can.


Repairs Service

Over Christmas you may have experienced problems speaking to someone to arrange for a repair.  We apologise for this. We experienced increased demand for the most critical services, made worse by higher than normal levels of sickness. Throughout this year, and in particular in the first lockdown, our tenants have been so patient, we thank you for that, and ask that you bear with us now as we try to manage the services.

We will do our best to respond to all repairs and deliver a great customer service, but the circumstances we're operating in are far from normal. Certain materials are in short supply, demand for repairs is high, we have reduced numbers because of sickness and we're striving to keep people safe.

For these reasons, we're keen to prioritise the most urgent repairs. This includes emergency repairs, repairs for older and vulnerable people and the important and legal checks, such as gas servicing and electrical checks, which keep you, your home and your family safe.

As a result, it may take us a little longer to complete routine repair requests than you're used to so please be patient with us.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: We continue to operate safely, our established Safe Systems of Work allow us to continue to provide you with a safe repair service.


Emergency repairs

Anything that puts you, your family or your home at immediate risk is considered an emergency repair.

  • Escape of gas or fumes
  • Electrical fittings in contact with water
  • Live or bare electric wiring
  • Sewage overflowing into the home
  • Uncontrollable leaks
  • Burst storage tanks, cylinders or pipes
  • Failure of all lights or all power
  • Faulty communal fire/smoke alarms sounding.
  • Tenant locked out of the property
  • Loose or dangerous bricks / roof tiles
  • Issues with major adaptations – e.g. passenger lifts, stairlifts.
  • No heating or hot water

You're in Safe Hands

When you do have a repair or a safety check which needs to be completed, we can assure you that our teams all follow Safe Systems of Work. These are designed to keep you and them safe.

Stay at Home – Keeping Safe

As we’re all spending more time at home, Gas, Electrical and other safety checks have never been more important. Put simply they protect you, your loved ones and the home you live in.

We know that when Winter hits and temperatures drop, calls about boiler and heating problems start to rise. If you’re due a gas service we’ll check your boiler’s working perfectly when we call, so please let us in. 

Remember, essential checks are legally enforceable and part of your tenancy agreement too.

To put your mind at rest, if you or anyone in your home is self-isolating, we will rearrange your appointment for when the self-isolation period is over. If you or anyone you live with is shielding, we still need access to your home for safety checks but, to reassure you, these will be done following all Government guidance for safe and secure works.


Our shared spaces – keeping them safe & clean

As it is important to make sure our shared spaces are clean and safe, our Caretaking staff will be continuing to make regular visits to clean communal areas of residential blocks, including carrying out vital fire safety checks.

Be assured, they will work quickly, following strict health and safety guidelines, carrying out the works in line with ‘Safe Systems of Work’, wearing the required PPE in line with the Government’s Health & Safety Executive.

The Caretakers will adhere to social distancing, if you do see a member of staff, please remember to keep your distance. 

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Posted in News on Jan 11, 2021