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Torus services: Roadmaps out of Lockdown

Torus services: Roadmaps out of Lockdown

As restrictions are starting to ease nationally, we have turned our focus to our services and how we can look to resume them safely for our customers.

As many of our main services such as completing all gas servicing, responding to repairs, letting homes and building new homes, were considered critical by Government, we were able to continue to operate. Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to continue to deliver services to our customers, whilst balancing keeping you and our staff safe.

In line with Government restrictions, we altered our services, including closing our public spaces, moving our services online and virtually where possible.

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Now with these restrictions lifting and with your safety still a priority we have created individual ‘Roadmaps out of Lockdown’ for our key tenants’ services, which covers:

  • Neighbourhood Services – home visits, property viewings, estate and block inspections, tenant group meetings,
  • Allocations and Lettings – sign-ups, property viewings
  • Leaseholder Services – estate and block inspections, court attendance, arrears visits, property viewings
  • Income Services – face-to-face visits, court attendance, arrears visits
  • Safer Estates – court attendance, interviews, face-to-face visits
  • Extra Care schemes – opening of communal areas, salons and bistros, resuming of activities
  • Sheltered and Supported Living schemes – opening of communal areas, resuming of activities
  • Tenant Voice – tenant inspections and testing, face-to-face meetings, consultations, focus groups
  • Staying Home Service (Warrington and St Helens) – viewings and allocations, opening of communal areas, face-to-face visits

A summary of the main changes are:

From 12 April:

  • Bistros and Salons re-opened in our Extra Care Scheme.
  • FireFit Hub in Toxteth, South Liverpool re-opened.


From 17 May:

  • Our communal rooms and lounges will re-open.
  • Arrears visits will resume.
  • Estate inspections will resume.


From 19 July:
This has changed from 21 June following the Government’s announcement that stage four of the roadmap on the 21 June is now delayed to the 19 July.

  • Increase the number of face-to-face property viewings.
  • Neighbourhood Officer home visits will resume.
  • Court attendance in person will resume.
  • All tenant meetings, including consultations, will resume with no restrictions.
  • Estate and block inspections will resume with no restrictions.
  • Tenant Inspections and testing resuming without restrictions, including site visits.

Please note that these ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’ plans fall in line with national restrictions being lifted. If further changes are made by the Government, these plans will also be updated.

The safety of our residents, staff and the wider community will always remain our priority, Torus reserves the right to amend any of the plans if it is deemed unsafe and all activities being planned will follow full Covid safety measures.

The health and safety of our customers and staff remain our priority, and so, for now, our receptions remain closed. However, you can reach the Torus Customer Hub by calling 0800 678 1894 Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm, or by emailing

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Posted in News on May 04, 2021