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Get Involved in your Community

Get Involved in your Community

There are different ways that you can get involved and help to support your community, whether that is to help improve your area though one of our community impact days or set up a tenants and residents association.

The Customer Involvement Team can help you decide how to get involved, and which ways would suit you best, depending on the amount of free time you have. You can contact them at or call 0800 678 1894.

Tenant and Resident Associations

There are lots of different reasons for setting up a group, from tackling problems like antisocial behaviour to organising day trips and social events for elderly residents or young people. 

Anyone who is interested in their community and has time to spare can make a big difference to residents who live there.

We also offer a support package including:

  • Tenant Participation Grant, if you are a Tenants and Residents Association and represent a minimum of 30 of our tenants within your area
  • Office expenditure grants, if you have office accommodation
  • Support of a Customer Involvement Officer who will guide you through the process of setting up a group and offer on-going support

How do I set up a group?

You should contact your Customer Involvement Officer at or call 0800 678 1894 if you are interested in setting up a group. They will offer support, advice and guidance and discuss the next step.

Is there already a group in my area?

We support many Constituted Tenants and Residents Associations. 

To find out more about a group in your area, please contact your Customer Involvement Officer at or call 0800 678 1894.

Local Involvement Opportunities

We run a number of community impact days within local areas across Liverpool to help address issues affecting people living in our neighbourhoods, such as ill health or crime.

The days are an opportunity for you to come and speak to our officers and other agencies about any issues or concerns you may have in your neighbourhood, as well as getting involved in improving the environment within the area.

The impact days often include free activities and freebees, such as: dog chipping, free hanging baskets or planted pots and free fruit bags to name but a few.

Check out our events calendar to see if there is a community impact day due to take place in your area.

Help Distribute Funding

Community Initiatives Fund Panel

By becoming a Community Initiatives Fund Panel Member you can help us to distribute financial support to community projects that help improve quality of life for people living in our neighbourhoods.

We support a range of different projects, which could include:

  • Gardening or environmental work
  • Activities to reduce antisocial behaviour
  • Community events or celebrations
  • Activities for older people
  • Health and wellbeing projects
  • Develop skills to access training or employment

Our funds are limited so we are unable support every project. By becoming a Community Initiatives Fund Panel Member you can help us to make sure that we fund the projects that will make the most difference.

Contact one of our Customer Involvement Officers at or call on 0800 678 1894 to find out if here is a vacancy for a Panel Member in your area. 

You must be a Tenant with us to apply.