Become an LMH Shareholder

LMH is committed to ensuring that all of its tenants and leaseholders have a say in how the association moves forward. An integral part of this vision is LMH s open membership scheme.

As a shareholder you'll be entitled to attend all LMH Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings. These meetings are used to consider LMH's annual report, and to vote on both the election of board members and on any changes to the Rules of the association. Any constitutional changes to LMH can only be made with the approval of our shareholders, meaning that they are central to LMH's development as a tenant-led organisation. 

Every tenant or leaseholder is allowed to purchase one share at a cost of £1. LMH is a non-profit making charitable organisation, meaning that shareholders do not receive any dividends for their share.

To become an LMH shareholder just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Check that you are not exempt from the shareholding scheme
The scheme is open to all LMH tenants and leaseholders but there are exemptions, such as minors or tenants with rent arrears.

Step 2: Complete a shareholder application form
You can download the shareholder application form, the shareholder information pack and the shareholder certified rules from this website. Printed copies of the form are also available from LMH's Governance team at head office.

Step 3: Return your completed application form
Return your completed application form, along with £1 to pay for your share in an envelope marked FREEPOST LMH (no stamp or additional address lines are required).

For more information please contact the Governance Team on 0800 678 1894 or email

You must be an LMH Tenant to apply.