Your voice is important. Make sure it's heard.

The decisions we make as a business have an impact on you as a customer, so it’s only right that you should have a say in what we do. That’s why we’ve signed up to a national charter designed to give tenants greater involvement and influence over our services and activities.

Torus Tenant Voice is a set of guidelines that will shape the way we:

  • Involve you
  • Introduce greater tenant led scrutiny 
  • Meet the standards set out in the charter

Because it’s important we get these guidelines right, we recently asked for your feedback. The consultation has now closed and we will update you with the outcome soon.

You can still read a draft of the Tenant Voice Strategy here. 

Your voice is important. That's why we're listening.

Read the draft Tenant Voice Strategy

Have your say

The consultation on the draft Tenant Voice Strategy is now complete. Thanks to everyone who took part.