January 2022

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What to do if you’re affected by flooding

Flood water is often dangerous, due to its speed, depth, hidden obstacles or contamination in the water.

If you do not know how deep the flood water is – do not enter it.

Listen to the local guidance being provided by the Fire Service, the Local Authority and/or Torus about when it is safe to return to your property and if you are in any doubt then don’t risk it.

Contaminated water

Following a flood water may have been contaminated with sewage, animal waste and other contaminants and often leaves a muddy deposit.  To minimise any health risks:

  • Wear protective clothing e.g. gloves, waterproof boots)
  • Wash your hands after contact with flood water
  • Cover any cuts or sores and wear rubber gloves
  • Wash children’s hands regularly
  • Keep children and pets away from affected areas
  • Contact your GP over any upset stomach
  • Decontaminate footwear with disinfectant

Water and electricity do not mix

In the event of a flood you need to turn off your electricity, if you can.  If you are concerned about water approaching your electricity supply contact us immediately on 0800 678 1894 (24/7).

When you return to your property, don’t turn on your electricity until it has been checked.  We will do our best to complete an electrical check as soon as we possibly can but please be aware that demand for this will be high.

Your belongings

Throw things away that have been affected by the flood, including food.

You can put most other things in the bin or take to a recycling centre as long as they’re not polluted with sewage or chemicals. 

Contaminated items must be disposed of safely.  Contact the environmental health department at your local council to get rid of sandbags and other things polluted by chemicals or sewage. The council will tell you how to dispose of them as hazardous waste.

Any items you wish to keep must be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant.

Loss of valuable good

We advise all tenants to have their own contents insurance.  Please contact your insurance company and follow their advice, make sure you note the policy claim number.

Take photos of everything that is damaged – furniture, carpets, curtains, possession, external damage.  You may need maintain possession of any flood damaged items that you intend to claim against your insurance, as they may be required as evidence.  Please check with your insurers and only keep items if it is safe to do so, if they are not contaminated.

Your property

As a Torus tenant, repairs to your property will be completed by our contractor HMS.  Contact us on 0800 678 1894 or email info@torus.co.uk

Torus is here to support our customers who are affected by floods.  You can find out more about flood risk and how to protect yourself from future floods here