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Paying your Rent

Paying your Rent

Paying via an online account

You can pay direct via the My Account service.

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Sign up now for an Online Account. You can access to your rent account, repair history, to update your personal details and more.

If you are a new user you will need a valid email address and your tenancy number, which can be found on your rent statement (usually the first 6 numbers of your rent account).

Paying by Debit or Credit Card

Pay by debit or credit card, without logging into your tenant account, through our secure payment site.

Secure Payment Site

In order to make a payment you will need the first 6 digits of your 9 digit rent account number, which you can find at the bottom right hand side of your Rent Payment Card or your Rent Statement. If you are having difficulty finding the number call us on 0800 678 1894.

Torus PayPoint Rent Payment Card

If you have Torus rent payment card (new ones sent out January 2021) you can make rent payments free of charge at any Post Office or PayPoint outlet.  With over 28,000 locations across the UK, there are lots of places to choose from, you can find your nearest one here: 

Please dispose of your old payment card and use the new card provided. Payments made on the old rent card from 1 February 2021. will not be credited to your rent account.

If you have not been sent a card and would like one,  please call 0800 678 1894 or email

New Rent Payment Facility – Recurring Card Payment

Torus is offering you an additional way to make a rent / arrears payment from a Debit card.

A recurring card payment can be set up, with your permission, to take an agreed regular payment from your Debit card. It is not the same as a standing order or Direct Debit, which use your current account details, not your card information.

It is a flexible way to make a payment. The payment will only be taken from the Debit card if the money is in the account to cover the payment.

The payment is taken automatically which will ensure that providing the money is in your account you will not fall behind with your rent payments.

To find out more contact the Rents Team or speak to your Rents Officer, please call 0800 678 1894 or email

Paying over the Telephone

You can make a credit or debit card payment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0800 678 1894.

If you are a Torus Liverpool tenant, you will need to enter your rent account number. This will be 6 digits, starting with a 1,

If you are a Leaseholder, you will need to enter your leasehold number. This will be 7 digits, starting with a 7.

Using our automated system will take you through to our secure payment line, where you will be charged at 7p per minute for your call plus your phone company's access charge.

Pay by Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is a payment that can be set up on any date or frequency and taken automatically from your bank account.

Call 0800 678 1894 to set up a Direct Debit or visit your nearest Torus Office and you could be entered into a prize draw to win up to £1,000! Find out more here.

Get your rent balance by text

It’s easy to get the latest balance on your rent account using our Text service. 

  1. Text the words ‘bal’ or ‘balance’ to 07538 450 450.
  2. You will receive an automatic response showing your balance at the close of business on the previous day.

Remember, if you would like to use this service it’s important that we have your up-to-date mobile phone number.

Contact us today to update your details.

Struggling to pay your rent

If you are struggling to pay your rent you should contact us immediately on 0800 678 1894 and speak to your Rent Officer who can offer advice and support.

Find out who your Rent Officer is on our interactive map.

You can find more information and support on the Torus Foundation website.