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Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy

What is Rent to Buy?

Rent to Buy is a government backed initiative that allows eligible working people to rent at 80% of the market rent, while the tenant saves for a deposit to buy.

How does it work?

All Rent to Buy tenants are expected to pay one month’s rent and one month’s deposit up front when signing up for their tenancy, which will be held with the deposit protection scheme. We do not put aside any of the rent that a tenant has paid to be used towards a deposit for purchasing. The amount they choose to save for a deposit is entirely their decision and responsibility.

What are the benefits of Rent to Buy? 

  • Lower Rent: Tenants pay 20% less than market rent (including any service charges), making it easier to save
  • New home: You get the benefit of a new or recently built home;
  • Responsible regulated landlord: You have a professional landlord who is regulated by the government – that’s us!
  • Security: If we decide to sell the property, the Rent to Buy tenant will be given the first option to buy.
  • No rent-rise shocks: Your rent only will rise by inflation+ 1% a year, so no unexpected hikes.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for Rent to Buy you must:

  • be working
  • have completed our Rent to Buy application form
  • provided supporting information we’ve requested
  • have satisfied any landlord reference or credit checks we undertake
  • satisfy us that you’ll be able to afford the rent payments
  • have the Right to Rent a home in the UK
  • be able to pay a deposit and some rent up front
  • be a first-time buyer or returning to the market after a relationship breakdown (but not own another home by the time you let)

Who isn't eligible?

Some of the reasons people may not be eligible include:

  • you’re not working
  • you will require housing benefit to help pay your rent
  • you earn more than £80,000
  • you’re clearly in a position to buy a home right away without support
  • you intend to sub-let
  • the property won’t be your main home
  • you’ll continue to have legal interest in another property
  • the number of people in your household means the property would be overcrowded
  • you’re in rent arrears or in breach of your current tenancy agreement;

For further information please refer to our FAQ’s section below or call us on 0800 678 1894.

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